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Researcher Job
I’m looking for a researcher to work with on a couple projects. The research will mostly be into questions of United States government policy and the relevant factual basis. For example, you might be asked to look up things about cap-and-trade legislation and the evidence for anthropogenic global warming. You can do it part-time. You can work from anywhere. I think the work will be interesting and I’ll be doing it too. I think the work will be important, which is why I’m doing it.
The requirements are:
generally lefty politics
the ability to figure out the answers to complicated and politically controversial questions and find primary sources supporting those answers
the ability to write clear summaries of those answers
The ideal person is probably someone who’s contributed to Wikipedia, but that’s not a requirement.
If you’re interested, send a paragraph you wrote explaining or summarizing something with “researcher” in the subject. If you have ideas for how to find people like this, post them in the comments. (Or email them. Whatever.) I’ll probably end up hiring a bunch of researchers so the more people and ideas the better.
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December 27, 2009